Genetically modified crops – Amazing science and stupid protests!

Before I started studying the “actual” science of Genetically modified crops and I was very actively looking at the organizations like Greenpeace, and was thinking, wow! such a committed people, fighting for environmental protection, fighting for farmer protection, etc… 

When I actually started studying I realized that I was just one of million others who are following them, with out even having a clue about why they are required and how they are made.

Maize original form and modified form

Need for GMOs:

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations says, world food production has to be improved by 70% by 2050 and the production has to be doubled in developing countries to meet the growing population requirements.

The question is how much you can feed with the Conventional breeding? Does these organizations say, we don’t care about the growing population, we care about our environment? Its good if they think about environment. But it makes no sense at all, if they say, “We can only save the environment by not allowing the GMOs.” What will they answer to the fact that, throughout the history ALL crops have been genetically modified from by domestication, selection and control of breeding over a very long periods of time.

The modern day maize was genetically modified through selective breeding for about thousand years and it was shown that the difference was only 5 genes from the original Teosinte plant and the maize. That is of course a genetic modification. And it is definitely not possible to wait for another thousand years by doing selective breeding to improve yield or quantity of the crop.

Normal white rice and GM Golden rice

Take the example of golden rice, which is considered as unarguably beneficial, which can solve problem of
malnutrition in children. Being a rich source of Vitamin A, it can save almost 200 millions of lives which are affected by Vit A deficiency, that causes millions of deaths, and blindness millions of people/ children etc and also golden rice is cheaper than the normal one.

I just want to repeat same questions to people who oppose GMOs.

Do you want millions of people to starve just because you think it will destroy environment and unnatural product?

If no, then what is your way to deal with that? With out modifying Genes, how can you improve yield to maintain the food source for growing population in the world?

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  1. Mr.Prithvi ,
    I difinitely say that without using GMO seeds also we can get much more yield , I have seen so many small farmers producing much more yield than GM yield with traditional local seeds , and with little input costs . without using any herbicides , modern techniques .

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