Need for rebuilding Public Schooling in India

Sending children to the private schools is one of the most common thing in India. We pay tax to Govt. to pay teachers and they do recruit pretty good teachers.

Is it that the Govt. schools are bad and govt. teachers wont perform well OR we fail to get them work? I know, if the private schools doesn’t perform up to expectations, parents rip them off of or sometimes vice versa.

I don’t mean to criticize either the govt. schools or the private school system. I really think, Govt. school education should be given more importance than private because,

1. Public pay taxes which means, we are paying Govt. money just for nothing (w.r.t. education), and we pay to private schools also which otherwise saves so much money for the people.

2. Not just the people who can afford private education study well, but also the poor when there performance in the public schools.

It is to be noted that the education is the most critical thing for the Country’s economy to develop. AND along with the urban, rural India has to be educated as equally as urban.

Now the question is, what is required to make that happen in the Govt. schools????

P.S.: I’m not blaming current Public schooling system or Private schooling system. But I’m looking at emphasizing the need for us to make use of public schools more than private.

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