India and cow slaughter

Despite Police warnings against cow slaughter, reports say cow slaughter happened in Hyderabad recently. AP & Telangana law prohibits cow slaughter completely. If it can happen in the state where it is completely prohibited by law, imagine the situation in places where it is allowed like Kerala or Karnataka. With the new CONGRESS govt lifting the ban, it was reported that more than 100,000 cattle were illegally brought into Karnataka. Again, this is in spite of Karnataka high court ban on illegal transportation of cattle.

Reports say more than 30, 000 slaughter houses ILLEGALLY in country. And yet, we don’t have law to make cow slaughter illegal in whole country.

The Politicians who support cow slaughter (for what ever reason) say if they ban cow slaughter, it is huge loss to beef industry. I have one question, cant they ban killing one animal? Is there anyone who is gonna die if they don’t eat cow? That much blood thirsty?

Well, killing any animal is not fair. However, killing cow in India is completely different, Cow forms the basis of Indian way of living. Every Vedic scripture, and every historical (remember it is not mythological, evidences are there) scriptures clearly mentions the importance of cow, like no other animal. The name GOVINDA was given to god only because he saved GOVU (Cow). India itself completely depends on cow. No single deity in any temple can be worshiped with out cow milk, curd, ghee. No single Yaga/Homam/Havan can be performed with out cow products.

It is said that, if the whole world is one home, India is place to worship. That is why like in no other country, since thousands of years, with its advanced mathematical system, rituals were conducted in India for the welfare of world. I’m not praising India, its just another place. I’m only stressing on its philosophy. And that place has to be pristine always. Adi Shankaracharya, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda …. take anyone from any part of India, they spoke for cow. They did not give their opinion, they spoke from Vedas.

You may not believe in god, but can you not leave one animal in India that we consider sacred?
As a scholar mentioned, more than as law, it should come from people’s hearts, just as a pure love for another person, who don’t want cow slaughter to happen.

Wish it will happen soon.


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